The Language Technical Implementation Unit (UPT Bahasa) is one of the work units at the University of Bengkulu which was formed on January 2, 2014. The position of UPT Bahasa is as a support unit for the realization of University of Bengkulu’s work program in the field of Language services, including English, Indonesian, Japanese, and other foreign languages. The main task and function of UPT Bahasa is as a language service center that is managed professionally to serve the needs of the academics of the University of Bengkulu and the general public. With this function, UPT Bahasa implements the strategy of self-development of academicians in the field of language and culture. In carrying out its functions, the UPT Bahasa organizes activities in the form of various education / language teaching services, workshops and language teaching training, language proficiency testing and translation.  The UPT Bahasa tag line is: Guiding you to meet the world.